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Safe Pregnancy Skin Care

Girl With Healthy Skin And Healthy Skin pH

Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting time. It can also be quite daunting trying to make sure everything you do, every product you use, won’t harm your new baby. It is time to make sure that everything is right. At Botáni, we passionately embrace the concept of being all “natural” with our ingredients being all […]

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Relax And De-Stress Your Way To Healthy Skin

Lady Washing Hair To De-Stress

Relaxing and de-stress your way towards healthy skin. Stress is a big factor in today’s world. The way we deal with it is as individual as we are. We need a certain amount of pressure to function, but when it reaches extremes, and we can no longer deal with it, it becomes a problem. Not […]

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Highly Effective Tips To Keep Your Feet Happy

Botani Products For Happy Feet

Your feet are hard-working and often neglected, try to keep your feet happy and in excellent condition with Botani’s highly effective foot treatment. There are many conditions and issues your feet may have suffered from or are currently suffering from including bacterial infections, cracked heels, dry skin, fungal infections and other issues related to your nails […]

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First Aid

Itchy Skin? Have You Tried A Natural Antifungal Cream

Simple cuts and wounds are common place in family life. Kids are often falling over or hurting themselves. There is no need to reach for chemical antiseptic cream. Botáni Phytoseptic offers you a safe and effective alternative. While Phytoseptic is well-known and loved for its effectiveness against Fungal infections,it is also anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, It […]

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Thrush: Characteristics And Thrush Treatment

Natural Ways To Fight Sun Damage

Thrush Candida infections are often associated with the use of antibiotics, gastric upsets, premenstrual tension, fatigue or dehydration. Treatment should be accompanied by avoiding particular foods e.g. beer, nuts, biscuits, canned fruit and refined carbohydrates. Additional nutrients should include vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and folate, brussel sprouts and asparagus. The following are a list of […]

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How To Treat Nipple Thrush Naturally

Dried Herbs

How to treat nipple thrush naturally and what exactly is it? Symptoms of nipple thrush can include: Burning Itching nipples or breasts Cracking or pain around feeding time Characteristics of nipple thrush Burning, itching, tender or stinging nipples A deep ache or a burning sensation that radiates through the breast Pain to be experienced both […]

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How To Treat Nappy Rash Naturally

Botani Brand Ambassador - Julie Vogl

Nobody wants nappy rash. A common problem for babies between 9 and 12 months old nappy rash – if left untreated, can develop into more serious conditions. So – how to treat nappy rash naturally: Characteristics of Nappy Rash The skin appears red, chapped and sometimes spotty Raised, raw-looking red bumpy rash Treatment Careful cleansing is […]

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