Monthly Archives: June 2014

Is French Green Clay The Best Natural Acne Treatment

Olive Cleaning Bar In a wooden Bow with Green French Clay underneath

GET TO KNOW OUR FAVOURITE INGREDIENTS #1 – French Green Clay Ever read the ingredient listing on your favourite products and not been quite sure what the names mean? Or what benefits they will provide you? Well this month Botáni is opening up its ingredient cupboard and sharing all the details of our favourite actives […]

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What Are Superfoods And Why Are They Good For You

Beetroot As A Superfood

Skincare from the inside, tip number 3 is five foods you should add to your diet, and they are all considered superfoods. Superfoods are taking over our news feeds, monopolising current affairs programs & infiltrating our favourite magazines, but what are they? It seems each week we’re adding new and more exotic items to our shopping […]

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