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Acne Aggravator Silicone: The Sly, Smooth Operator


Silicone is not known for their natural attributes. When someone mentions silicone I can’t help myself because I immediately conjure up images of Pamela Anderson in a red bathing suit running slow-mo on the beach; her silicone sets bouncing away. Funnily enough reading this to my husband he had a laugh and then mentioned when […]

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My Quest For Clear Skin: A Holistic Approach To Acne

Botani's Holistic Approach To Acne

In my quest for clear skin, I found a holistic approach to acne to be the most effective. I experienced my first acne flare up at the age of 13. Coming from a Mediterranean background, everyone in my family has naturally flawless complexions. My parents hadn’t encountered anything more than an odd pimple and knew […]

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Chemical Concerns: How Safe Are Your Beauty Products

Chemical Concerns In Your Beauty Products

Chemical concerns: How safe are your beauty products? This picture has got us thinking about chemicals in skin care products. It’s been circulating the internet for a little while now, but it sums up the issue many of us face, how do we live up to modern standards of beauty and ensure we’re using only the safest, […]

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Who Scrubs Up: Tips To Exfoliate Skin This September

Beautiful young woman who loves to exfoliate skin

We’re continuing our spring clean your body theme this week with some advice on how to exfoliate skin, so you’re ready to leave winter behind. Ways To Exfoliate Skin 2015 has been an exciting year for exfoliators! With the excellent news that many skincare companies are beginning to phase out nasty plastic microbeads, you might have […]

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