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9 Quick And Easy Ways To Decrease Your Toxic Load

young healthy woman smiling at the park

Writing about ways to decrease your toxic load is sad in a way. Our fast lifestyles are being lived much at the expense of our health.  How, you ask?  Once upon a time, vegetables were grown in the backyard with natural compost and lots of love – certainly no sprays or complicated processing stages. Our […]

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The Best Skin Serum For Dry Skin

Botani Olive Skin Serum is the best skin serum for dry skin

Choosing the best skin serum for dry skin can be tricky.  One of the most annoying, yet familiar, skin problems worldwide is dry skin. Don’t confuse this with dehydration, which is a related, but different, topic.  We’re talking about a skin type which lacks oil and is usually categorised by dull, flaky skin and almost […]

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Superfood Australian Mountain Pepper Berry Skin Benefits

Mountain Pepper Berry as a skincare superfood

Not another berry I hear you say! However, this is one you probably haven’t heard of before. It’s an oldie that’s a newbie…by that, I mean that Indigenous Australians have been reaping the benefits of the wondrous Mountain Pepper Berry plant for hundreds of years, both medicinally and as food.  It hasn’t always been readily […]

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Summer Body Ready: Bring Out Your Most Confident Self

Botani Summer Body Ready

I always hated the term ‘summer body’ because I associated it with perfect little-tanned bikini bodies. But this is far from everyone’s reality. It’s about being confident with what you have.  With a little help from nutritious food and natural personal care products! Summer is well and truly here. For you, it might mean a […]

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