All Living Things Need Water For Survival Including Your skin


dry skin

DRY SKIN TIP 9 – Ensure you’re consuming enough water to maintain healthy skin.

I have a confession to make. Despite being a pretty health conscious person, I’ve always struggled to guzzle. Guzzle water that is. Give me a soy latte or freshly squeezed veggie juice any day, but water? I’d always found the liquid to be a bore – no colour, no flavour …

Struggling as well with dry skin for most of my life, last week a light bulb of sorts went off in my head. “Der?! Maybe one of your struggles is leading to the other? How can you have skin as soft as satin when you’re depriving it of water and life?”

Here’ the thing. Our skin is a living, breathing organism that needs hydration to help it flourish. All living things, from the humble olive we worship at Botáni to human beings, are made up of cells which require water to keep them hydrated, lubricated, and put simply – alive.  We all know that when you deprive something living of water it dies. If you don’t have any friendly neighbours to water your pot plants you’ll know what I mean! The skin is no different. Fail to ‘water’ it and it dies, the dead skin cells presenting as dry skin.

Something I’ve discovered my skin loves just as much as water, if not more, is Botani’s PhytoBody Lotion. It’s difficult to explain the relief the lotion gives your skin until you try it, so make sure you get your hands on some now before I stock up for life!

Your skin literally gobbles and drinks PhytoBody Lotion up like a soldier who’s spent months in the desert. Upon application your skin feels immediately hydrated, supple and silky soft but the best part is that your skin stays that way for the entire day. You only need a small amount yet it’s proven to give your skin a 24-hour hydration boost!

I’ve always been terrified of body lotions or oils, but this one has completely transformed my skin and therefore the way I view them. Kind of like water. It’s not so bad when you realise that a few simple sips a day can have so many skin benefits.

It hasn’t been easy making water a major part of my day, especially as the weather gets cooler and all I’m craving hot chocolates and hearty soups. But making water consumption a daily ritual has completely changed the way I see the liquid. With little to no effort, what its done for my skin is exciting.

Who would have thought dry skin could be a thing of the past thanks to something I’ve taken for granted for so long? All you need is water … and my tip, some slices of lemon on the side!

Michaela @ Botáni