What’s In A Name Of The Alphabetic Craze

Understanding The Alphabetic Craze Of Skin Care Products

Understanding the alphabetic craze in skin care products can be very challenging. As a treatment focused skincare brand, we know how important it is to protect yourself from the harsh sun. That’s why, despite the incredibly difficult nature of getting an all-natural sunscreen certified, we’re working on our first all-natural broad spectrum SPF product. We […]

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Natural Ingredients Used By Botani Skin Care

Olive Tree Offering Natural Ingredients Used By Botani

Natural ingredients most of us love them, but do you know which ones Botani particularly loves? Upon first trying a Botani product, many of you may have noticed that they don’t have a ‘traditional’ appearance, texture or scent. You’re probably used to the white glossy textures of creams and lotions and the foamy suds of […]

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Winter Warming Care For Both Inside And Out

Olive Oil For Winter Warming Care

Winter warming care is essential to help your skin glow and health flourish.  The importance of taking care of your skin is essential by using topical products like those by Botáni, but have you considered how the foods you eat impacts your skin? Particularly in winter, when the skin is faced with harsh environmental changes, […]

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Our Story

Botani An Australian Company

Founded in 1994 by Barbara Filokostas, a Melbourne based naturopath and herbalist, Botáni is Australia’s leading natural skincare brand specialising in innovative, treatment focused products. After setting up her own clinical practice, Filokostas noticed her clients presented with three major skin issues: acne, fungal infections and dehydrated skin. Observing the physical and psychological impacts of […]

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Embracing Natural Beauty At Botani Skin Care

Why Botani Embraces Natural Beauty

Natural beauty is at the heart of Botani skin care, it is a treatment focused skin care brand.  Having seen the crippling effects skin conditions like acne can have on people’s self-esteem and self-worth, Botáni knows the importance of realising that beauty is more than just skin deep. Why Botani Embraces Natural Beauty It’s important, […]

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Barbara’s Story

About Barbara's story

I grew up surrounded by a large Greek family. It was always eventful and colourful with regular gatherings, food and celebrations. I had a special bond with my beautiful grandmother, Yiayia.  Yiayia, who in her native Northern Greece was known for her ‘healing hands’ and infinite knowledge of herbs and tinctures as natural medicines. I […]

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