How To Regain Healthy Supple Skin

Girl with healthy supple skin

Healthy supple skin is one of the secrets for anti-aging. Ditch the dryness today because did you know that if your skin is dry, it will age faster? Look at the olives above and tell us one thing: do you prefer the silky, supple olive on the left or the aged, wrinkled olive on the […]

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The Answer To Healthy Skin Starts Here

Botani Team Telling Us Healthy Skin Starts Here

Welcome to Botáni’s exciting new blog format bringing you the answers to all your healthy skin care starts here with your questions and our responses. Plus some fun facts and fabulous skin tips along with way. Answers For Healthy Skin Are you looking for the solution to healthy skin? Having received hundreds of emails over the […]

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What’s In A Name Of The Alphabetic Craze

Understanding The Alphabetic Craze Of Skin Care Products

Understanding the alphabetic craze in skin care products can be very challenging. As a treatment focused skincare brand, we know how important it is to protect yourself from the harsh sun. That’s why, despite the incredibly difficult nature of getting an all-natural sunscreen certified, we’re working on our first all-natural broad spectrum SPF product. We […]

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Highly Effective Tips To Keep Your Feet Happy

Botani Products For Happy Feet

Your feet are hard-working and often neglected, try to keep your feet happy and in excellent condition with Botani’s highly effective foot treatment. There are many conditions and issues your feet may have suffered from or are currently suffering from including bacterial infections, cracked heels, dry skin, fungal infections and other issues related to your nails […]

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Skin Structure: A Look At Your Layers Of Skin

Botani Brand Ambassador - Julie Vogl

The skin is the body’s first line of defense. As well as keeping everything in, your layers of skin protect the body from outside environment influences, such as bacteria, liquid, sunlight, gases etc. The skin also plays an essential role in temperature regulation; the sense of touch and controlling substances entering and leaving the body. Continuous regeneration of […]

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Winter Skin Care

Botani Brand Ambassador - Julie Vogl

With winter just around the corner, it is time to consider how to keep you skin healthy and glowing during those cold months. Those with skin conditions often find these worsen through winter. Our skin is subjected to cold, windy weather alternating with the dry, low humidity of indoor heating. The skin easily becomes dry […]

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Spread The Word: Your Beauty Is Not ‘On Hold’

Feeling Beautiful Enhances Your Beauty

Your beauty is not on hold. Being a treatment focused skin care brand, and having seen the crippling effects skin conditions like acne can have on people’s self-esteem and self-worth, Botani knows the importance of realising that beauty is more than just skin deep. If your face is covered in acne lesions or your arms […]

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Getting Physical: Work Up A Sweat For Your Skin

Get Physical And Active To Help Your Skin

You may have heard this a thousand times, but getting physical and working up a sweat really can help your skin. For those of you like me who love nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa with the remote control, you may not enjoy this article. However, exercise is essential for one’s overall well-being. […]

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Natural Ingredients Used By Botani Skin Care

Olive Tree Offering Natural Ingredients Used By Botani

Natural ingredients most of us love them, but do you know which ones Botani particularly loves? Upon first trying a Botani product, many of you may have noticed that they don’t have a ‘traditional’ appearance, texture or scent. You’re probably used to the white glossy textures of creams and lotions and the foamy suds of […]

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