First Aid

Itchy Skin? Have You Tried A Natural Antifungal Cream

Simple cuts and wounds are common place in family life. Kids are often falling over or hurting themselves. There is no need to reach for chemical antiseptic cream. Botáni Phytoseptic offers you a safe and effective alternative. While Phytoseptic is well-known and loved for its effectiveness against Fungal infections,it is also anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, It the perfect first aid treatment in a tube for a whole variety of skin emergencies.

Irritation and itching from insect bites will also be relieved by applying Phytoseptic.

If it’s red, inflamed, irritated, itching, then Phytoseptic is what you need.

Directions: cleanse the area thoroughly with Eco-clear Body Bar to rid the skin of any dirt or bacteria.

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