Olive Skin Serum

I have also brought the Olive Skin Serum, which is a must have product. I brought this as gifts for friends at Christmas, knowing that they would be hooked. It is an incredible night serum, neck serum, eye serum, scar serum and on super dry/dehydrated days, I use this as my moisturiser all over my face. Even though this is an oil, it is not ‘greasy’ and I have had NO breakouts whatsoever with this product.

Alissa 2 February 2011

Hey Andrea, thanks for your suggestion. I was bit reluctant to try the olive serum after the recovery cream didn’t work out for me but because you were so sure that the olive serum will be good for me, I couldn’t resist trying it out. I recently gave it a try a few days back and it is amazing. It cured my rashes faster and I’m already very happy with my skin. I believe if I continue using it, my skin will still improve. I’m also taking some for my family in India. My sincere thanks to you and the Botáni team


4 November 2010

I have been using your skin serum for the past 3 years after my cancer surgery. The scar across my throat healed with next to no obvious signs that i had ever had surgery. I recommend your product to everyone who is amazed at how my throat has healed. Thank you for such a beautiful and amazing natural product range 🙂 ….my surgery was 7 weeks before my wedding and I was very paranoid about anyone seeing the results of surgery,

Bernadette October 1 2010

The skin serum is lovely and so much finer and more moisturising than the rose hip oil I was using.

Maree 29 March 2010

I received Olive Skin Serum as a birth day gift my friend. I saw the amazing result on my face after using this product for two weeks, not only my face becomes very soft; I also have pimple scars that had been on my face for a long time but after using this serum, the scars are slowly healing and fading away, this product is a miracle. Thank you all at Botani who have made such a great product.

Emily December 23 2009

Having had prominent acne scarring for most of my adult life, picking in my adolescent years (guilty!!) – I have been absolutely amazed at the improvement of these scars since being given the Olive Skin Serum (Giftpack) at Christmas… and it’s only February!!! People have started to compliment my skin regularly, and for the first time in nearly 15 years, my skin now allows me to feel confident enough to not wear foundation in public all the time. This is a breakthrough product. …It has also helped my friend heal a scar a sporting accident many years ago – this product is really amazing!!!

J. Kim 7 Feb 2007

Thank you for recommending your Olive Skin Serum! My teenage daughter suffers extremely sensitive skin and Psoriasis on her face. We have tried numerous natural products which just seemed to make her skin worse. Within 2 days of using the serum, all the redness and peeling around her eyes was gone, her skin was smoother and looks the best it has in months. We are so very grateful for the time and advice you gave us.

Kerrie 22 May 2009

My 13yo daughter has been battling with a skin condition for 1.5yrs now. I rang my herbalist to ask her for further help as I had tried other expensive herbal remedies and nothing had worked. She recommended Botani Olive Skin Serum and also made up a bach flower remedy for her to take internally. Within a fortnight my daughters skin is totally back to normal, no longer itchy, red and sore and she wore a shoestring dress for the first time to her school social, a big thing for a teenager, she loves using it. Your product has given my daughter confidence to wear dresses & shorts etc a lot others take for granted. We will continue to use this product and I am switching my normal moisturiser routine to Botani! We love it. Thank you Botani.

Nikki 26 October 2008

I am 24 yrs old and I currently use the Olive Skin Serum, Boost Balancing Moisturiser and the Rescue Acne cream.
My combination skin used to be perfect – I never had a single pimple or blemish until I started a high-stress, professional job (which I have since quit) which resulted in significant acne on my face. The break outs have died down but after extractions etc I am left with bright red scars on my face. After using the Olive Skin Serum, I noticed immediately that my skin was balanced. It really does eliminate the need for a moisturiser at night and stops your skin relying on them, no more tightness combined with an oily t zone! I can’t say that it has faded my scars significantly but my overall skin tone and elasticity has definitely improved. I have only used 1 bottle, so perhaps after 2 I may see results on the scars?

Since it is summer I have now bought the Boost Balancing Moisturiser for ‘lighter’ hydration and for occasional pimples and I am loving it. I love how it is hydrating, repairing AND anti-bacterial at the same time – truly innovative.
I’ve had moderate success with the Rescue Acne cream, however, after the dry winter months I have developed dermatitis (?) or something similar on my body, which I used the Rescue Acne Cream on – it works!!
Thank you for your innovative, natural products and dedication to keeping prices reasonably low. Thanking the Botani team,

Name withheld October 23 2009

The Botáni products are truly the best around, they work and feel good. I’ve used the Olive Skin Serum and it’s better than any rosehip oil around. My skin has had much sun damage and hence skin cancers. I had 180 spots taken off my face a year ago and the progress using the serum and Olive Repair Cream are great. I love the soaps too. I’m passing on to others the product. Thank you to all of who make this wonderful Olive experience.

Michelle 30 March 2009

Just thought I’d let you know that I get coffee the same place every day and the waitress told me on the weekend my skin looked great and what had I done. I had actually used the Olive Skin Serum as a makeup base. She is now going to get some. Thought you’d like the positive feedback. thanks

Linda 10 June 2009

Thank you the bottom of my heart for making this wonderful product!! For me it is not JUST another product. At 32 I have been on very strong medication now for almost 2 years and the result being destroying my skin hair and nails. I have always taken care of my skin. In the past year my skin has become so sensitive and thin that everything I was buying to use was “burning” my skin. Make up was just out of the question all together. Everything irritated it!

Not being able to afford it but at my wits end I went to a beautician and was expecting to walk out with anything up to $1500 worth of products – I felt sick!! The manager told me that there was nothing they could give me that would not irritate – but quietly on the side she told me what she used! Botani – she recommended it highly – so I went straight out and bought the beauty bar, Olive Repair Cream and Olive Skin Serum. My skin drank in the Olive repair cream! my skin feels like it did when I was a teen ager AND I can actually wear a little makeup now!! 6 weeks later and what a difference. Thank you.


I will admit it. Botani pretty much saved my life! Rescue Acne cream, Olive Skin Serum(best product ever) and Olive Repair Cream were all invoved in curing my mild acne condition and burn marks as a result of dodgy clearasil products. This is only after 2 and half weeks of use. I expect that in a months time, i will not be afraid to look people in the eye and go out in public. Even now i am doing that, which is great for my confidence. I honestly didn’t think there was a product out there for my oily fair skin complexion, but honestly Botani products do not clog my skin, burn my skin, itch my skin, annoy my skin, they do all of the opposite. At one stage i thought i had permanently destroyed my face, well i can now have faith that given another couple of weeks/months i will be able to look at myself and smile!

Male, 20 Years Old 29 December 2009

The 3 products I started out with were the Olive Soothing Cleanser, Olive Skin Serum (which is amazing) and the Boost Balancing Moisturiser. Today I bought your website the Olive Repair cream, Exfoliating Facial Cream and the Rescue Acne Cream (just in case!). I also love the simple design of your packaging and the glass bottles. The whole range has a medicinal feel but still looks luxurious enough, which is great for people like me who have always bought expensive stuff in amazing packages just because they look nice!

Kim 8 Jun 2007

So just writing to inform you that I really am incredibly impressed with your products,
The Olive Skin Serum [ together with the Purify Facial Cleanser, Boost Balancing Cream, and Acne Rescue Cream] is amazing. Not only is it controlling my dermatitis, but my skin overall just looks more healthy, calm, and even more luminous.
I was sceptical at first because the chemical laden products that I had bought the pharmacy didn’t work as well as they should of, and now I am not a sceptic anymore!! I will be sure to recommend your products to other eczema and dermatitis sufferers because it worked for me, and will hopefully work for them!!!

Miri 4 October 2008

As you know I have been a great supporter of the Botani products for many years, having sold them in pharmacy with many a satisfied customer. I can now add myself to this list. I recently had shoulder surgery (July 27th, 2006) and the wound had not been stitched, but merely “clipped” together. The surgeon was happy with his work (aren’t they all?), and said nothing further, leaving me with a four inch scar. I started applying Botani’s Olive Skin Serum twice daily immediately, and other than missing an application every now and again (I am human after all!), the incorporation of the scarred area into the surrounding tissue continues to astound me. The healing was rapid, and the scar is fading fast. I am still applying the Serum.

Gerald 26 Oct 2006

Thank you for your research efforts. I’ve read the Internet all I needed to know on Botani. Your research and production is impressive and like what I say I am satisfied that the product did its work as advertised. It is my hope that over the years, your research and production will even improve better and better and as you do that, satisfied customer such as I, will do the word-of-mouth advertisement for your products – you can count that me. My only lament experience, some products that did start very good would over the years tend to lose its superior quality – the high demand for profit over quality production is still an upscale for industries. I hope you are not one of those ‘run-of-the-mill’ kind.

That really is killer for satisfied customers however, it could turn out to be an advantage; because that would give consumers as in this case – it gave me a good reason to look for other products touting for better quality and superiority – that’s exactly how I stumble on Botani. My next move is to try your other products e.g. Olive Skin Serum and Olive Repair Cream. I hope then to get satisfaction on these facial products as I have with the anti-fungal cream.


Just a quick note to say how happy I am to have finally found your product. I am a person who has allergies, I am a Vegan and have been searching for a natural skin range that suits my skin. While walking past my local chemist I noticed a new display with “Botani” products. I began to read the literature, and proceeded to buy the Olive Skin Serum and the Boost Balancing Moisturiser. They have both proved to be compatible with my sensitive skin type. Although the Boost Balancing Moisturiser is for combination skin it does appear to be very good for me as a daily moisturiser.

After having a recent operation, a friend bought me some of your serum to use as part of the healing of my scar. My scar is only 9 weeks old and after using the serum twice a day for 3 weeks I have noticed a huge difference. I have found it absolutely fantastic and was wanting to know where I can find a stockist near my home. I live in Boronia, Victoria. Also I am very interested in the acne rescue cream for my sons.


I just wanted to tell you that I think your products are absolutely wonderful. I can’t believe how quickly they have made a difference to my skin. I’d given up thinking I could have really good skin – it had become dry and lifeless. Being in my 40’s this is a common problem I guess, so I just accepted it and thought my youthful looking skin had gone for good. I couldn’t believe that in less than a week of using the Olive Soothing Cleanser, Olive Skin Serum and Olive Repair Cream, I had soft, supple, moist skin again – it’s as though I’ve got my “18 year old skin” back again. You were right – using all three products together made a huge difference.

The best part is that I don’t need to use large amounts and as my skin gets softer and smoother, a smaller amount goes a long way. The other thing I like about your products is that there is no compromise on purity and I know that nothing I purchase your product range has anything harmful in it.


The Olive Skin Serum. It does amazing things for my skin! …. In Just a few days my skin has been glowing again! Thank You!!!…. The Serum is food for my skin.


Having had prominent acne scarring for most of my adult life, from picking in my adolescent years (guilty!!) – I have been absolutely amazed at the improvement of these scars since being given the Olive Serum at Christmas… and it’s only February!!! People have started to compliment my skin regularly, and for the first time in nearly 15 years, my skin now allows me to feel confident enough to not wear foundation in public all the time! This is a breakthrough product.
… It has also helped my friend heal a scar from a sporting accident many years ago – this product really is Amazing!!!


I have been using Botani Olive Skin serum for the past six weeks and since then my face has been eczema free for the first time in over 2 years. I have & tried every product and diet possible to get it under control and I am over the moon to find something that finally works


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  1. Jodie Morgan says:

    I love this product. I suffer from a hive like skin condition on my neck, so I have to be very careful with the products I use. The Olive Skin Serum is wonderful and gentle, without being too greasy. I highly recommend it too anyone with a skin complaint.

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