Our mission & values

Our vision

To lead innovation in holistic skin wellness. This is achieved through authentic, natural, sustainable and treatment focused skincare, inspired by the fusion of naturopathic principles and botanical science.


Our mission

To produce high performing, natural treatment and pharmaceutical products for the skin. To utilise skin friendly, active ingredients that treat the skin and provide a luxurious experience.

Botani continues to invest in ongoing research and development, rigorous testing and quality assured manufacturing processes to ensure product efficacy and safety for consumers worldwide.



Our values


  • Our products are authentically natural, recognised by their distinctive colours and botanical aromas.
  • Our ingredients are sourced from sustainable plantations and we always use the most pure form of the raw material. You can read more about the purity and authenticity of our ingredients here. 
  • Our products are 100% vegan friendly and contain no animal derived ingredients. Botáni stands against animal testing and holds current certification with Choose Cruelty Free Ltd, featuring on their ‘’Preferred products list’’ and are also affiliated with P.E.T.A.
  • Products are packaged in re-usable and recyclable pure glass and eco-friendly PET Packaging.


  • Our range, packaging and concepts are kept simple and concise to meet modern day consumer needs and demands.
  • A daily skin care routine that is simple and sustainable is just as important as the ingredients we use on our skin.
  • Botáni’s three step healthy skin care routine is simple to learn and easy to sustain: Cleanse, Treat  and Hydrate, even for the busiest of bodies.


  • Communication with our consumers and the community is honest, ethical and genuine.
  • Products are formulated using premium plant and skin-friendly ingredients  that are carefully sourced from around the world and manufactured locally in Australia.
  • Ongoing commitment to formulating safe, skin care products without the use of harmful chemicals, with this commitment extending from manufacturing, to our transparent labelling and honest product claims.
  • Our product promises are scientifically proven and valid, and we communicate this with the utmost of integrity.
  • Botáni is committed to the greater good of the community, with a portion of product sales going directly to a selection of charities.

Our promises…

  • To use active ingredients from nature that provide real skin benefits.
  • To source only the most natural, raw ingredients, with extraction methods that do not interfere with the integrity or purity of the ingredient.
  • To deliver products that are non-irritating and safe for use on sensitive and delicate skin.
  • To formulate only safe, 100% natural formulas free of harmful chemicals like parabens, petrochemicals and sulphates.
  • To formulate products that are treatment focused, targeting specific skin conditions (acne, fungal conditions, dry & dehydrated skin, mature/ageing, sensitive).
  • To manufacture in a green, eco-conscious way.
  • To offer simple, effective and multipurpose skincare solutions that save time, money and clutter.
  • To continuously invest in innovation, research and development and lead the way in the industry; we don’t follow trends. And to always listen to our customers!

Embracing Natural Beauty

natural beauty, natural skin care

Being a treatment focused skin care brand, we know the crippling effects skin conditions like acne can have on people’s self esteem and self worth.

We believe in being the best version you can be. To put your best skin forward. To feel naturally beautiful and confident in your own, individual skin. And that’s part of inner beauty, having enough self worth and self respect to take care of yourself.

While using Botáni to reach your skin’s best potential, we hope to help you realise that until those blemishes go away or until that skin pigmentation fades, there’s no need to feel as though being beautiful is ‘on hold’. There’s beauty within each and every one of you, right now. Read more about natural beauty.

Have a look at which skin products you could try to put your best skin forward.