Just wanted to say thank-you for developing the phytoseptic anti-fungal/anti-bacterial cream. Last year I developed perioral dermatitis for the first time in my life. It was very distressing, especially after many, many years dealing with the physical and emotional effects of acne. Despite trying a number of natural remedies, the phytoseptic cream was the only one that made the dermatitis go away. I believe this may be because the POD was fungal in origin. It took 2 months in total, but that is how long I would have had to be on antibiotics anyway, which was a route I was determined not to take. As my sensitive skin seems to tolerate them well, I am now using some of your skin care products as well. My Mum buys them and sends them to me in Norway where I currently live. Thanks again!

Areana 21 May 2010

In 2004 I started getting inward blisters, itchiness and cracks that went 2-3cm in all over my hands, they were as red as a fire engine and I couldn’t sleep because they itched so much and nothing would stop it. It got so bad that I couldn’t even open a door or type on a keyboard and I struggled dressing myself as my hands were so sore. They were constantly swollen 3 times their normal size. I couldn’t even get my wedding ring on, on my wedding day.

I went to doctors and they gave my cortisone creams and anti-histamines but nothing would work so they sent me to a hand dermatologist – they worked out that is what it was. He said that he couldn’t fix it for me but he could work out what made them react. I wasn’t very happy with that answer so I went to a naturopath and he amongst other things gave me your Phytoseptic cream and told me it would take away the itching and that is was all natural. I almost laughed at him because everyone that I had seen said they could stop the itching! I got home and started using the cream, instantly after I put the cream on the itching settled down. After more than a year of having unbearable itching that never stopped I was so relieved. My hands now look normal! The dermatitis still lingers sometimes if I used to much chemicals or it just wants to appear but at .1% that it used to be. Your cream has been a lifesaver to me and I think I would have gone mad by now if I hadn’t discovered it.

Thanks so much. I know I have dribbled on a bit but I just wanted you to know the full story so you could understand how much I appreciate your product.

Jaye 29 Jan 2007

I have the Phytoseptic cream for bites and itches- what a gem that has been to carry around in my handbag! I normally have an allergic reaction to ant bites and swell up and itch for days, and when I got bitten in the park last weekend I put your cream on it and the sting and itch disappeared. INSTANTLY! I was amazed and so grateful for your genius of creating such an incredible product! Thanks for taking the time to read my heartfelt gratitude to you. I am so appreciative of your products and hope that you continue to be supported by the Australian public so you can continue to create a wonderful holistic product.

Stacey 24 September 2008

For over three years now I have been recommending the Botani Phytoseptic Natural Anti-fungal Skin cream to my client mothers as a topical treatment for their painful nipple thrush. I am extremely pleased with the swift results achieved in reducing and eliminating the fungal problem, as compared to using conventional anti-fungal products. I highly recommend the use of Phytoseptic as a topical treatment for breastfeeding mothers with nipple thrush, hand in hand with diet and hygiene modifications.

Margaret Callaghan,

Lactation & Early Motherhood Specialist

I just want send a few words from a satisfied customer on this specific product. I just used the anti fungal cream for the last 6 days and the ring worm on my feet lingering the past months had now completely healed. Thank you for your research efforts. I’ve read from the Internet all I needed to know on Botáni. Your research and production is impressive and like what I say I am satisfied that the product did its work as advertised. It is my hope that over the years, your research and production will even improve better and better and as you do that, satisfied customer such as I, will do the word-of-mouth advertisement for your products – you can count that from me


I highly recommend the Phytoseptic product. We have had a high success rate in treating fungal infections. We have a number of doctors who prescribe this product for their patients



I have suffered from tinea periodically for a number of years and although other products have cleared it up for a while, it always came back. I did the entire course of Botáni Phytoseptic in November last year and have had no recurrence of tinea whatsoever


Given the amazing and almost instant results I had with your cream, I’d suggested you start advertising Phytoseptic Cream far and wide, so you can a) help a lot of people out there and b)grab market share from the synthetically formulated creams owned by the multinationals, i.e.: Canestan. How a product can have the lions’ share of the market and yet not work, whilst your product is relatively unknown in comparison, yet it works, is just wrong! Congratulations!


I started to use Phytoseptic as a result of requiring a natural anti fungal treatment that would not impact on patients’ existing medications. I was amazed when I came across a naturally based treatment that has worked faster and more effectively than alternative chemically based anti-fungals. I have continued to use and recommend Phytoseptic as the best management of fungal infections of the skin. In particular tinea. I have had great success in using this treatment in a clinical setting and will continue to recommend this product as my preference as the number one treatment of fungal infections of the skin. As Phytoseptic also has broad spectrum anti bacterial properties it guards against secondary opportunistic infection to broken skin. This is of great benefit to my patients