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Botáni Skincare Library

Below you will find articles relating to all aspects of skin! These articles have been written by the team at Botáni to help you better understand the complexities of the skin and which products are best suited to your skin type.


Acne, Blemishes and Blackheads | Dehydrated Skin | Dry Skin

Nappy Rash | Nipple Thrush | Rosacea | Thrush


Botáni For Men | Botáni Ingredients | First Aid | Happy Feet

Relax & De-stress your way to healthy skin | Safe Pregnancy Skin Care

The Good Oils | What does “Organic” mean for Cosmetics? | Winter Skin Care

The Skin

Babies’ Skin | How to care for your Sensitive Skin

Olive Skincare Terms | Skin Care Smoothie

Skin Care from the Inside – the best food for skin | Skin pH | Skin Structure – a look at your layers of skin

What is your Skin Type? |  Winter Skin Care

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