Sky High Skin Secrets

Skincare Tips When Travelling by Plane (and to different climates!)

This month we’ve been talking about environmental factors that impact your skin and oxidative stress. I want to tell you a story…….it involves an aeroplane, unruly kids, and a bizarre skin care ‘trick’ I had never witnessed before….

On the way back from beautiful Hervey Bay a few days ago (just north of the Sunshine Coast in QLD….absolutely divine!), I was on the plane really just trying to make it home in one piece. With two connecting flights PLUS a delay (yep, even with Qantas), I was kinda over it and in between two kids, tantrums, cries, crumbs-all –over-my-seat-toys-sprawled-everywhere situation, I just wanted to land already. I clearly hadn’t noticed what was going on with my skin. I’ll come back to this in a moment.

Anyway, I noticed the lady sitting across from me with her perfectly behaved two kids took out a lip-balm looking tube….squeezed it onto her finger… goes….(I thought her perfectly manicured finger was about to hit her lip…but…) she closed her eyes and rubbed it onto both of her eyelids! Whoa! What? Eye balm? What am I missing here? I’ve never seen/done/heard of doing this before! HAVE YOU? (please let me know in the comments at the end!!).

So anyway I didn’t think too much of this – I filed it in the ‘weird things I randomly see’ section of my brain and soldiered on. When I went to ‘do’ my face that night – (aka cleanse and apply my skin-saving-secret-weapon Olive Skin Serum) – I noticed my skin was behaving oddly.  Oh, and my husband had just pointed out that I had a ‘rash’ on my face. Just full of compliments as usual. On closer observation – I noticed my skin was essentially three things: dehydrated, irritated and inflamed. In hindsight, I had put my skin through opposite climates within a short period PLUS the dreaded dehydration you get from flying at high altitudes. I had a red irritated patch on my lower cheek, my entire face was flaky, my décolletage was red raw – AND GUESS WHAT ELSE? My eyelids were totally red and flaky too! Ha! That’s why that oh-so-wise lady was applying a balm to her eyelids! It must be a common thing! I honestly did not think a change in weather for a few days plus two domestic flights would cause my skin such stress!! I even took a photo (sorry, I couldn’t take a better quality ‘selfie’) to show you all what I mean:

I knew what I had to do:

  1. First, clean the slate. Whip out the gentle, nourishing Olive Soothing Cream Cleanser.
  2. Second, operation REHYDRATE! Mix a few drops of Olive Skin Serum with the Radiant Rose Mask – leave on overnight.
  3. Repair those eyelids! Warm some Olivene Repair Balm in my fingers and apply lightly.

Here’s my tips for silky soft skin sky-high:

  • Don’t assume short flights won’t play havoc with your skin – be prepared!
  • Use minimal or no makeup to allow your skin to breathe
  • Pop a handy tub of Olivene Repair Balm in your handbag and apply sparingly on your EYELIDS and lips before you take off. You can also use it anywhere you’re feeling dry or dehydrated (such as cuticles, elbows etc – and if you have kids in nappies, it’s a great natural barrier balm too!)
  • Have a jar of Radiant Rose Mask ready to apply post-flight and you can even sleep with it on
  • Last but not least – smother your damp skin with Olive Skin Serum any chance you get.

I feel like I need to do a shout out to the lady in row 16 D – thanks for your inadvertent tip! I hope no one else’s skin has to suffer from flight dehydration like mine did! Now I want to hear your skin travel stories….do you get affected from flying or being in a different climate? What are your secrets or tips you can share?

until next week….

x Sandra

Written By Sandra La Scala, Botani natural beauty writer, poodle lover, mum of two boys, advocate of natural skincare, sleep and surrounding yourself with happy people!