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10 Steps For An Amazing Botani ‘Pick Me Up’ Facial

Cucumber Slices For An Amazing Botani ‘Pick Me Up’ Facial

You and your skin may often require a ‘pick me up’ facial, and we have the perfect step by step guide for you with our best Australian skin care products. Don’t wait until you feel run down and exhausted, treat yourself to this facial every week. You deserve it. We hope you love this facial […]

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Who Scrubs Up: Tips To Exfoliate Skin This September

Beautiful young woman who loves to exfoliate skin

We’re continuing our spring clean your body theme this week with some advice on how to exfoliate skin, so you’re ready to leave winter behind. Ways To Exfoliate Skin 2015 has been an exciting year for exfoliators! With the excellent news that many skincare companies are beginning to phase out nasty plastic microbeads, you might have […]

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It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Scaly Skin

Lady Dealing With Scaly Skin

Still struggling with scaly skin? Here are our dry skin care tips to help you say goodbye to scaly skin.  Over the past ten weeks, it’s been Botáni’s mission to help you combat a skin condition I struggled with (notice the past tense) for as long as I can remember. Dry skin. “Used to struggle […]

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