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10 Steps For An Amazing Botani ‘Pick Me Up’ Facial

Cucumber Slices For An Amazing Botani ‘Pick Me Up’ Facial

You and your skin may often require a ‘pick me up’ facial, and we have the perfect step by step guide for you with our best Australian skin care products. Don’t wait until you feel run down and exhausted, treat yourself to this facial every week. You deserve it. We hope you love this facial […]

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Natural Beauty: Acupressure Facial Benefits

How Acupressure Facial Promotes Healthy Skin

Have you heard of an acupressure facial and how it may benefit the health of your skin? Over the next few weeks, I’m looking at different aspects of natural beauty including holistic and complementary practices. In preparation for this, I grabbed myself a cup of herbal tea and sat down with Barbara for one of […]

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How To Take Control Of Your Acne: Part 3

Take Control Of Your Acne Holistically With Botani

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing a series of holistic tips I collated after having a long and very passionate conversation with our founder and Naturopath, Barbara Filokostas. I wanted to find out some practical advice to help you take control of your acne naturally and get healthy, glowing skin happening on your beautiful […]

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