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How Our Environment Affects Your Healthy Skin

Girl In Wind Not Knowing How The Environment Affects Your Healthy Skin

Our environment affects your healthy skin in more ways than you may think. It shouldn’t ring alarm bells in your head when we say that if you have dry skin, and are wanting skin that’s plump and radiant, you’re in a toxic relationship that you need to get out of, one with your environment. Tips For […]

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How A Healthy Skin pH Helps Avoid Dry Skin

Girl With Healthy Skin And Healthy Skin pH

To maintain healthy skin and to avoid dry skin it is essential to maintain a healthy skin pH. The skin of all people, of all ages, has one thing in common, a pH level. The term’s thrown around in the beauty industry these days quicker than a frisbee, but at Botáni, we think it’s time […]

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The Answer To Healthy Skin Starts Here

Botani Team Telling Us Healthy Skin Starts Here

Welcome to Botáni’s exciting new blog format bringing you the answers to all your healthy skin care starts here with your questions and our responses. Plus some fun facts and fabulous skin tips along with way. Answers For Healthy Skin Are you looking for the solution to healthy skin? Having received hundreds of emails over the […]

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Getting Physical: Work Up A Sweat For Your Skin

Get Physical And Active To Help Your Skin

You may have heard this a thousand times, but getting physical and working up a sweat really can help your skin. For those of you like me who love nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa with the remote control, you may not enjoy this article. However, exercise is essential for one’s overall well-being. […]

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