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How Your Mindset Effects Your Skin

Mind Power And How Your Mindset May Effect Your Skin

Your mindset plays an enormous part in managing your health and wellbeing. Maintaining a positive outlook can help the body heal. Recent studies have proven that mindfulness practices, such as meditation, positive self-talk and affirmations have a positive biological impact. Why Positive Thoughts Matter All thoughts have a vibrational frequency. Positive thoughts vibrate at and […]

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Date Night For One With Botani Skin Care

How To Enjoy A Date Night For One

For some, a date night for one sounds dreadful, but for others, it looks blissful.  As we head towards Valentine’s Day, perhaps you are wondering what does this day mean to you? Is it relevant?  Whether you are single or in a relationship this Valentine’s Day, it’s the perfect opportunity to take a moment to […]

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Why A Positive Mindset Matters

Yoga woman meditating to de-stress

Having skin health issues can be stressful. It can suck. Especially on your face, because your face is out there, right? It’s the first thing that people see, and you can end up feeling self-conscious about it. Feeling self-conscious can have a ripple effect through other parts of your life like stress levels, happiness and […]

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