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Natural Antifungal Cream To Treat Tinea And Candida

Itchy Skin? Have You Tried A Natural Antifungal Cream

The reality of fungal skin infections. Today, I am not talking about coconut smelling oils and creams that you luxuriously slather on your body. Today I’m talking about ugly fungal skin infections and how a natural antifungal cream will help you manage many of these skin conditions. What do tinea, jock itch, thrush, nappy rash, ringworm all have in […]

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Safe Pregnancy Skin Care

Girl With Healthy Skin And Healthy Skin pH

Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting time. It can also be quite daunting trying to make sure everything you do, every product you use, won’t harm your new baby. It is time to make sure that everything is right. At Botáni, we passionately embrace the concept of being all “natural” with our ingredients being all […]

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How To Treat Nipple Thrush Naturally

Dried Herbs

How to treat nipple thrush naturally and what exactly is it? Symptoms of nipple thrush can include: Burning Itching nipples or breasts Cracking or pain around feeding time Characteristics of nipple thrush Burning, itching, tender or stinging nipples A deep ache or a burning sensation that radiates through the breast Pain to be experienced both […]

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