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Boosting And Balancing Tips To Believe In Your Beauty

Girl With Cream In Hand - Believe In Your Beauty

Real beauty comes from within not from comparing yourself to others. You are beautiful, but do you genuinely believe in your beauty? One of Botani’s key messages is that if you believe in your beauty, you radiate with self love. To help enhance your beauty, we lovingly blend botanically based natural organic skin care containing […]

Nourishing Paleo Bread Recipe

I enjoyed a cup of green tea recently with Botani’s dear friend Andi Lew, and after talking about all things nourishing for your body -inside and out, she said to me “You have to share my paleo bread recipe with your Botani tribe, they’ll love it”. In keeping with our olive heritage, she suggested perfect […]

Andi Lew’s Top 10 Wellness Tips For Healthy Skin

Andi Lew Sharing Her Tips For Healthy Skin

Wellness tips for healthy skin can sometimes be a minefield of information.  It’s hard to know where to start with a holistic approach to skin health. There is so much information out there it can be a bit overwhelming knowing how to implement it into your life.  To help us simplify things, wellness and holistic living advocate and […]

Green Tea Amazeballs Recipe By Andi Lew

Green Tea Amazeballs Packed With Protein

This week’s post is a healthy recipe for Green Tea Amazeballs from Andi Lew’s Wellness Loading. Her new book is the Ultimate Wellness Detox and has you learning how to turn the tech off and connect with yourself and to become more productive and balanced. Wellness is more than just nutrition and fitness; true wellbeing […]

Loading Up On Wellness With Andi Lew

Loading Up On Wellness With Andi Lew

At Botani, we take a holistic approach to treating skin so loading up on wellness is something we love talking about. We understand that what you put into your body has just as much impact as what you put on it. In keeping with these values, we are thrilled are to announce our partnership with Certified Food, Lifestyle […]