The Sun Is Healthy Skin’s Best And Worst Friend

DRY SKIN TIP 6 – Stay out of the sun as much as possible to avoid dry skin.

At Botáni, we live holistically and know we need to care for the mind, body and spirit in order to have healthy skin. There is an issue, however, when we mention ‘the body’ because something it needs to function on a daily basis is something that the skin dreads more than anything – the sun.

The sun, for so many reasons, is a skin cell’s worst nightmare. Exposure to the sun creates temporary things we mightn’t like (dry skin and sunburn etc), mid-term things we don’t like (wrinkles and pigmentation etc), and long-term things nobody would wish on anyone (life threatening cancers of the skin.)

If the sun is such a nightmare for the skin, how can it possibly be good for our bodies and in turn, our skin? We should be shrouding ourselves in fabric to avoid its harmful UV rays everyday! Wrong.

The sun provides us with Vitamin D, an essential nutrient that allows us to better absorb calcium and create strong, healthy bones. The best form of Vitamin D, namely Vitamin D3, is one we produce internally (aren’t our bodies clever?), however the way that our bodies produce it is for our skin to come into contact with UV light (hmm, not so clever after all!)

Something has to hold that skin of ours up, so we need to ensure those bones are in tip-tip shape  – but how do we satisfy both our bones and our skin’s needs?

As with our approach to life at Botáni, the relationship between our skin and the sun needs to be a balanced one. You can have your cake and eat it too simply by ensuring you enjoy the sun wisely.

Allow you skin exposure to the sun at times you know the UV index levels are low (but still present enough to deliver Vitamin D into those bones of yours), and cover up when you know the index levels are high. Covering up at Botáni means slapping on some sunscreen and our antioxidant rich Olive Skin Serum. 

Botáni x