What Are Superfoods And Why Are They Good For You

What are superfoods and why are they good for you

SKINCARE FROM THE INSIDE TIP #3 – 5 foods you should add to your diet

“Super foods” – they’re taking over our news feeds, monopolizing current affairs programs & infiltrating our favourite magazines, but what are they? It seems each week we’re adding new and more exotic items to our shopping list – quite frankly it’s getting confusing (I mean what is Freekeh anyway?!). This week I’m cutting the confusion and re-introducing you to some humble old super food favourites that have stood the test of time when it comes to boosting your skin health.

Salmon – A great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, salmon (or other oily fish such as trout or mackerel) should be on your menu at least once a week. These fatty acids provide hydration to your cell membranes, leaving you with soft and supple skin that glows. Tired of grilled Salmon? These 8 recipes will make you want to eat salmon every night of the week!

Beetroot – Ever wonder what gives beets their beautiful deep purple colour? It’s a pigment called betanin. Not only is this a marvel of nature given the strong colour it produces, but it is also has powerful anti-inflammatory qualities that can assist in reducing skin inflammations, like acne and blemishes.

Kale – This leafy green was once a popular veggie patch item and is now making a strong resurgence as a super food due to the long list of vitamins it contains. Top of the list is Vitamin A with Kale containing a whopping 100%+ of our recommended daily intake! Vitamin A plays a pivotal role in the repair of tissue – a great addition to your diet if you experience dry, flakey skin or fine lines and wrinkles. New to Kale and not sure how to eat it? Check out this recipe for super yummy kale chips (they’re so good you’ll be shocked that they’re healthy!)

Pecans – Packed with fibre (approx. 2.7 grams per ounce) Pecans are a great natural Detox booster! Fibre assists our digestive system to eliminate waste and toxins that can cause poor internal health and external appearance (think breakouts & dull skin). Munch on a small handful daily to assist your body to clear toxins and leave your skin glowing!

Spirulina – Not only does this algae provide a natural source of energy, it is also a skin metabolism booster that will promote faster cell turnover. This has great benefits for your skin, including reducing the signs of ageing, improving skin healing and helping to prevent candida overgrowth that can lead to acne – talk about a skincare powerhouse! And if taking spriulina internally is not enough, you can also help to detoxify and reinvigorate your skin with Botáni’s Spirulina Salt Scrub. This creamy scrub combines Sea Salt, Australian Lemon Myrtle & Spirulina (of course!) to create a unique and luxurious at home spa experience.

What are your favourite super foods? We’d love you to share below!

Jenna @ Botáni x

What are superfoods and why are they good for you

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