You Don’t Need Paint Stripper To Eradicate Dry Skin

dry skin

DRY SKIN TIP 5 – Exfoliation is the key to unearthing healthy skin.

Dry skin cells on our bodies are what old, flaky paint is to a beautiful piece of timber. Before you can re-oil and rejuvenate a wooden door for example, or a beautiful balustrade, you begin by stripping the wood of any excess paint that will inhibit the surface from becoming smooth and stop the surface becoming porous to allow oil to seep in. Without ridding the wood of what’s lifeless lying on top, there’s no way on earth that the timber will absorb any goodness from a new varnish or wax.

Dry skin is no different. Before you can rejuvenate and restore radiance to dry skin, you need to rid it of it’s own ‘flaky paint’ – its layer of dead skin cells – before any moisturiser you apply can have any chance to do its job, no matter what the price tag!

The skin on our face is more delicate than the skin on our bodies, so it’s important that you gently exfoliate this area as you would gently sand a soft piece of ply. Our Exfoliating Facial Cream (it’s heavenly cake-like smell alone will have you buying it again and again!) is a must-have before applying any of our facial moisturisers as it prepares the skin for our products to work their magic and hydrate the skin.

When it comes to the body, even though the skin is less fragile than the face, it needs to be exfoliated in a non-abrasive manner so as not to scratch, tear or harm the new skin tissue you’ll be revealing underneath. Even extremely dry areas, such as our upper arms and elbows, need to be exfoliated with a gentle product like our Spriluna Salt Scrub which has a cream base to nourish the skin as it’s Australian sea salts gently remove dead skin.

Most people include a daily body moisturiser to their skincare regime, but there’s no point doing so if – like the analogy above – there’s a ‘dead’ layer standing between you and skin that’s hydrated and silky smooth.

Botáni x