Olive Serum Skincare

Olive Skin Serum

Feel the joy of beautiful radiant skin

Botani Olive Skin Serum is putting ‘smart’ into skincare. It understands your skin’s needs, utilising Olive Squalene – a plant active that  helps to deliver the best skincare routine for your sensitive skin.

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I’m naturally beautiful – as nature intended.

Purity, Simplicity, Integrity.

Discover the Botáni difference: developed by a caring Naturopath with a passion for simple, natural products that beautify, treat and nourish your skin.

Discover Botani’s natural 3-step routine for healthy and radiant skin.

Is dry skin stealing your youthful looks?

Our simple and effective skin care routine delivers instant hydration, gives you radiant, soft skin, even skin tone and ensures you feel comfortable in your skin.

Dry Skin Solutions
Breathe a sigh of relief - Botáni will leave your whole face smiling.

Rescue your skin from acne and blemishes.

There’s no need to suffer in silence, Botáni offers a genuine multi-faceted solution to combat pimples and acne naturally, without Benzoyl Peroxide.

Rescue Acne Cream

It’s time your skin felt amazing, discover Botáni.

Botáni has been a trusted innovator of natural skin care products and pharmaceuticals for over a decade, based on a tradition and commitment to research and development. A holistic skincare brand founded by a caring naturopath who truly loves caring for people’s skin. Botáni is passionate about treating skin conditions with luxurious products that enhance natural beauty, health and wellbeing.


Botani products are unique, versatile, skin treatment formulations sourced from natural and organic certified ingredients. Vegan and skin friendly, without harsh petrochemicals, they offer effective alternatives to mainstream chemical-based products. The Botáni range has undergone stringent testing, quality assurance and certification. Containing premium quality, bio ‘active’ botanical ingredients that deliver multifunctional benefits; safety, affordability and performance. Specifically formulated to deal with every day skin concerns such as problematic skin, acne, scarring, fungal conditions, sensitive skin (including Eczema, Psoriasis & Rosacea), dehydration, ageing and sun damage. Suitable for all genders, skin types, ages and ethnicities. Simple, no fuss, multitasking skincare products that save you time and money. Gentle enough for the whole family, even during pregnancy, for nursing mothers and babies.

Botáni has become renowned for their use of intelligent plant active Olive Squalene. Comparable to the squalene found in our own skin, a proven antioxidant, moisturiser and anti-ageing active. Olive Squalene is required daily for optimum skin health and radiance.

Botani boosts your skin confidence.