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Botani Ingrionnti Eco Friendly Eg Animal Eganfriendly Safety

Botáni – All Natural Skincare..

Botáni is Australia’s leading all-natural skincare brand specialising in innovative, treatment focused products created by a caring Naturopath. Proudly Australian and vegan friendly, Botáni utilises organic plant active ingredients which are skin friendly, petrochemical free and derived from sustainable sources.Botáni’s products allow your skin to breathe and function naturally whilst experiencing ‘the Botáni difference’.

TGA listed, Botáni’s range of natural pharmaceuticals offer proven results in the treatment of acne, tinea and common fungal infections while their face and body ranges provide effective results for dehydration, premature ageing and problem skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Botáni has become renowned for their use of intelligent plant active Olive Squalene. The key ingredient in their Olive Skin Serum, Olive Squalene is comparable to the natural moisturiser found in our own skin – Squalene. A proven antioxidant and anti-ageing active, Squalene is required for optimum skin health and radiance.

Botáni believes natural skin care should be available for all – all skin types, all skin conditions, all ages, all budgets – and with their range of versatile skin care solutions, you too can achieve healthy, radiant skin.

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