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 Botani has been developing vegan natural skin care products since 2003. We combine the best of nature and science to treat and nourish the skin.

Our skincare contain a blend of high quality and ethically sourced certified organic ingredients and botanical actives.

We strive to make our products multitasking and sustainable because that’s what our consumers have told us they want. In fact, a simple, vegan natural skin care that treats everyday skin concerns with real results.

At Botani, each product is formulated using our signature ingredients, namely, Olive Squalene, Squalane, traditional herbal extracts and Australian native plant extracts. Our products are vegan certified and cruelty-free.

Lovingly created by a Melbourne naturopath and herbalist.



Applying the Olive Skin Serum to the eye area


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Botani Skincare Mask


Excellent vegan natural skincare product

Tried the Botani Eye Rescue Serum for under my eyes. It’s amazing as I have really sensitive skin and no irritating sore eyes. Excellent product!

Tania Watson / Facebook

Supreme range of vegan natural skincare

This is by far the most supreme vegan natural range of skincare that’s affordable and effective! I wouldn’t use anything else!

Andi Lew / via Facebook

Such a great vegan serum!

I use this every day now, you only need 2 drops after using a toner and you can feel that your skin is more supple, reduce the size of the pores and the glow on your skin will come back. Skin feels immediately more hydrated.

Yummy_Tiramisu / Botani Website Review

Beautiful non-greasy organic serum

The olive serum works superbly. It really hydrates my face day and night, without being greasy. My skin used to flake around the mouth area and underneath my cheeks, but since using this my skin is not as dry as it used to, which is brilliant. This vegan serum itself has a clear texture and beautiful, non-overpowering smell, and can be easily applied by mixing it with some facial mist/spray to ensure easy application

Sakura783 / Beauty Heaven Review

Very gentle on skin, perfect for eczema

Have been using the Botani PhytoBody Wash for my daughter who suffers from eczema with excellent results. It’s very soothing and gentle on the skin. It contains Calendula to relieve itching and inflammation.
As a result, her skin has greatly improved in appearance and she feels relief from the itching after her bath.

Michelle240 / Beauty Heaven Review

Very impressed!

The family and I have been using this body wash for a week now and I must say I am very impressed the kids suffer from eczema and I from very dry skin this wash is so gentle and mild after showering our skin looked and felt better the kids had no reaction to the wash which is excellent it is like it has a moisturiser in the wash leaves your skin feeling moisturised and with a fresh feeling

Deborah Bolam / Botani Website Review

Everything it claimed to do

This product blew me away, it has done everything it claimed to do, I’m very impressed and I’ll never have to waste another dollar on treatment skin-care that doesn’t work – keep up the good work and a BIG thank you for being/making vegan and cruelty-free skin care

Vegan-Sue / Botani Website Review

So Gentle and Calming on Redness

Wonderful to use every day, it is green based so perfect to pop on before your makeup, to help neutralize redness. I use personally use a lot of acids on my skin to help with hyperpigmentation so this product is perfect for anyone needing a little extra moisture to the skin but still assisting with fitting acne. I have also found it help reduce majority of my smaller blind pimples. Great vegan product!

Melissa80 / Beauty Heaven Review

My faith in non-toxic, vegan natural skincare is higher than ever

I suffer from chilblains and nothing has worked to relieve itching so far. Yesterday I purchased calamine lotion, thinking it’d help because it used to work for mozzie bites but it didn’t do a thing. The itch on my toes is unbearable, and there’s no cure, so I sought something for just the itch.
I applied a little amount of this on a few of my toes and lightly rubbed it in. Immediate relief! It was almost cooling and smells pretty nice for something that works for a lot of icky conditions. I couldn’t believe that it actually helped! Thank you so much

Ka / Botani Website Review


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