Sustainably Conscious Collaborating Brands

Sustainably Conscious Products For Our Competition

We’ve partnered with a few of our environmentally, ethically and sustainably conscious friends Peach & Grey, Supercharged Food, Little Wildling Co, Ajna Wellbeing, Barre Body and Healr for this month’s vegan competition. Botani’s focus is on vegan skin care and we have partnered with these brands because in our experience they have all contributed enormously towards […]

Top Health Benefits Of Vegan Skin Care

Woman applying natural lotion in front of waterfalll

The health benefits of vegan skin care, along with the ethical reasons, is why the global trend of rejecting chemical-filled health, beauty and skincare products for plant-based, vegan, natural and organic alternatives continues to grow. As a plant-based, vegan, natural and organic skincare range right in on the crest of the wave of this movement […]

Top Reasons Why Vegan Skincare Is Trending Now

vegan skincare trending and our olive skin serum is also trending

Vegan skincare as we all know has been around for years. Devout vegans would be horrified of using anything else, so if you have been a vegan for years this new trend of vegan skincare hitting the scenes is old boring news for you. For those of you who don’t eat vegan or even a […]

How To Cope With Stress To Enhance Your Skin

Stress Tip To Enhance Your Skin

How you cope with stress is often different for all of us, one thing for sure is that we could all benefit from a daily stress management technique.  People to see, places to go, meetings to attend, deadlines to nail, quality time with loved ones can all accumulate into a busy life.  Some thrive on […]

How To Improve Your Gut Health For Beautiful Skin

How To Improve Your Gut Health For Beautiful Skin

Your gut health and skin have a unique relationship.  Specifically, your gut bacteria have an integral part to play in the radiance and health of your skin.   An unhealthy balance of gut bacteria often causes skin issues such as acne and rosacea.    Although gut health is a trending topic, maintaining a healthy gut […]

How To Get Glowing With Spirulina

How To Get Glowing With Spirulina

As part of your nourishing diet and daily skin care routine, we suggest adding the superfood spirulina.  In this article, we explore how you can get glowing with spirulina, how it may enhance your health and also your skin.  First of all, let’s find out exactly why spirulina features so strongly in our holistic skincare […]

Highly Effective Tips For Skin Luminosity 

Effective Tips For Skin Luminosity 

Skin luminosity is beautiful and to help your skin glow with gorgeousness many suggest an exfoliating scrub and mask added to your skin care routine will work wonders.  At different times of the year, especially after a cozy winter, your skin may be looking rather dull and lacklustre. Tired looking skin is often an indication […]

Spring Clean Your Body From The Inside Out

spring clean your body

This month has been all about how to spring clean your body, but we’ve left one stone unturned- the body. This season, we’re spring cleaning our bodies from the inside out. Your skin is often a direct reflection of what’s going on inside your body, so a spring detox will give you the opportunity to […]

Changing Up Your Skin Care For Spring

Skin Care For Spring Routine

Skin care for spring is just as necessary as changing up our wardrobe for spring.  The new season requires a slightly different skin care routine. As much as we might try to fight it, the weather has an adverse effect on your skin. Environmental stressors including UV, humidity, urban pollution and even factors as simple […]

How To Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

tips on how to spring clean your skincare routine

Spring presents the perfect opportunity to spring clean your skincare routine, simplify, reassess and de-clutter our lives. The ‘Spring Clean’ is an age-old tradition that shouldn’t just be relegated to the clutter in our wardrobe and around the house. This spring, take the opportunity to streamline your skincare and detox your routine. ‘Out with the […]