Changing up your skincare for spring

Spring Skincare

Just as we change up our wardrobe for spring, the new season also requires a slightly different skincare routine. As much as we might try to fight it, the weather has an adverse effect on our skin. Environmental stressors including UV, humidity, urban pollution and even factors as simple as temperature can change the way […]

How to spring clean your skincare routine

Spring clean your skincare routine

Spring presents the perfect opportunity to simplify, reassess and de-clutter our lives. The ‘Spring Clean’ is an age old tradition that shouldn’t just be relegated to the clutter in our wardrobe and around the house. This spring, take the opportunity to streamline your skincare and detox your routine. ‘Out with the old, in with the […]

Top Tips For Restoring Your Skin With A Nourishing Sleep

A nourishing sleep to restore your skin sounds so blissful, and wouldn’t we all love that every night. As our world is continually becoming a busier place, the stress of all these meetings, deadlines, people to see and places to go seems to affect the quality of our sleep. Sleep issues are on the rise, […]

Reconnect with nature this spring

reconnect with nature

Nature is arguably at its most beautiful come spring. Spring is a season centred around rebirth- flowers are blooming, the first green leaves of the season are appearing, animals are born, and we’re all spring cleaning our lives to start afresh!   What better time than spring to reconnect with nature? The new season provides […]

Why Botani’s Rescue Acne Cream is the Natural Acne Cure You Need

natural acne cure

It was the discovery of the skin solving powers of Golden Seal that spurred Barbara Filokostas to formulate the Rescue Acne Cream and, in turn, Botani natural skin care. Each and every Botani product, including the Rescue Acne Cream, goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure it’s as effective as possible before it’s available […]

5 Minutes with Barbara Filokostas, Founder of Botani

Botani Founder, Barbara Filokostas

When Barbara Filokostas discovered the benefits of Golden Seal for the skin, the timing was nothing short of serendipitous.  Working as a naturopath, Barbara had seen first hand just how deeply acne could negatively affect the confidence of her patients. It was this experience and emotional connection to the subject that prompted Barbara to start […]

Natural Skincare for Men

skincare for men

It’s no secret that women are the primary customers of skincare across the globe, but we still can’t quite figure out why. Truth is, men are just as prone to acne, sensitivities and skin conditions as women, plus with frequent shaving they leave themselves susceptible to ingrown hairs and the associated irritations. With this in […]

How safe is your skincare

How safe is your skincare?

With a push towards health and wellness sweeping the nation, Australians are becoming increasingly cautious about what they put on their skin. When we apply toxins and potentially harmful chemicals to the skin, chances are they’ll end up in the blood stream.  We all want to believe that we’re using the safest possible products, which […]

Skin care for oily skin in winter

skin care for oily skin in winter, oily skin in winter

Winter is notorious for causing dry, itchy and irritated skin– both the cool air and artificial heating suck the moisture out of the skin, meaning there’s no escape from dry conditions during the winter months. So where does that leave people with oily skin types? What is the best skin care for oily skin in […]

How to treat and soothe rosacea

How to treat and soothe rosacea

Those who suffer from rosacea know how painful it can be. Rosacea can be detrimental to your self confidence, but it can also cause physical pain and irritation. So many people, both men and women of all ages, suffer from rosacea, and there are ways to treat, soothe and manage the effects of this chronic […]