Pregnant belly
Pregnant belly

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time. However, it can also be quite daunting trying to make certain that everything you do, every product you use, won’t harm your new baby. It’s certainly a good time to audit the quality and safety of the products you’re using to ensure that everything is good and safe for you and your developing baby.

Not only are all Botani products 100% plant-based, but they are meticulously formulated and subject to rigorous safety testing for your peace of mind.  You can rest assured that Botáni products are all safe to use during pregnancy. All our ingredients and products are tested and of the highest quality, so we know that when you use Botáni products you will enjoy the experience, your skin will glow and your baby will be safe.

And should you have a craving to eat your skincare… could almost do so!

What To Use For Common Pregnancy-Related Skincare Concerns

  • Dry Skin - during pregnancy skin often craves extra hydration. Botáni Olive Skin Serum is ideal to keep on hand, along with our Soothing Facial Mist. You can use them straight from the bottle as a highly concentrated moisturiser on damp skin, or add a drop or two to Olive Repair Day and Night Cream. For your growing body our 5-in-1 PhytoBody Wash, Spirulina Salt Scrub and Olive Hand and Body Cream will allow you to enjoy a beautifying pampering experience whilst your body is being exfoliated and moisturised.
  • Acne and blemishes  - our easy Skin Rescue Kit contains 3 products to quickly cleanse, treat and moisturise your skin. Purify Facial Cleanser, Rescue Acne Cream and Boost Balancing Moisturiser work together in harmony to target active pimples, blackheads and blemishes whilst preventing new ones from developing.
  • Dry, limp hair - Coconut Glow Hair & Body Oil can be used in wet and/or dry hair daily or as needed.
  • Dry, itchy belly - it is quite common for a growing belly to experience dryness and itchiness as a result of lots of stretching, hormonal and body changes happening simultaneously! If you prefer a lightweight oil - we recommend the Coconut Glow Hair & Body Oil twice a day. If you prefer a cream consistency - Olive Hand & Body Cream will be your dreamy go-to cream for day and night.
  • Stretch MarksCoconut Glow Hair & Body Oil, or Nourishing Body Oil twice a day. You can layer by putting the Olive Hand & Body Cream on top if you like.
  • Weak and brittle nails - this is quite common during pregnancy. Use a few drops of Olive Skin Serum and massage around the nail beds. You could also try the Olivéne Repair Balm for strengthening cuticles. Follow up with an all-over hand moisturisation ritual using the Olive Hand and Body Cream.
  • Feet need extra care during pregnancy! The extra weight can certainly contribute to pain/swelling in the feet or lower legs. Prepare a shallow bucket with warm water and 5-in-1 PhytoBody Wash (this will create lovely natural bubbles). Optional - add some dry herbs/flowers such as chamomile and green tea. (If you can reach), prior to soaking your feet, give them a dry exfoliation with Spirulina Salt Scrub. Pop feet into the bucket and soak for as long as you like! You can wash your feet with Eco Clear Body Bar. Dry well. Slather with Olivéne Repair Balm or Olive Hand & Body Cream.
  • Existing skin conditions - Any existing skin conditions could improve or get worse during pregnancy. Check which Botáni product suits your skin condition and use it with confidence that not only will it help to heal your skin, it is perfectly safe for baby.

Breastfeeding Mothers

  • Nipple Thrush is a common problem new mums suffer. Botáni comes to the rescue with Phytoseptic. It is recommended by many lactation consultants and the Nursing Mother’s Association. Simply apply it to the affected area after each feed and wash off before the next feed!
  • Cracked Nipples is another common problem for breastfeeding mothers. Thankfully we have an all-natural plant-based solution to this sore problem! Simply massage a few drops of Olive Skin Serum after each feed and as often as you need relief. No need to wash off before the next feed. Olive Skin Serum offers relief and healing, with no concern for baby’s health. It contains 99.7% pure active Olive Squalene which is extracted from the fresh olive pomace, which includes the skin, pulp and pit of the olive.
    You can also use Olivéne Repair Balm as a protective barrier on the nipple - but you will need to wipe this off prior to feeding.

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