Lines & Wrinkles

Unwanted lines and wrinkles show up uninvited. Wrinkles are a natural part of your ageing process. Young skin has an abundance of collagen that keeps skin firm, elastin which means your skin is elastic and oils or lipids such as squalene to keep your skin hydrated.  As you age less of these vitally nourishing components are readily available in your skin which causes lines and wrinkles.

Causes Of Lines & Wrinkles

Your natural ageing process and there are other factors which also play a significant part of lines and wrinkles occurring and this is where you can make a big difference to the development of lines and wrinkles. Other factors include environmental exposure such as sun, wind, hail and freezing weather, smoking, alcohol, pollution, chemicals, unhealthy diet, lifestyle and an ineffective skincare routine.

Tips For Lines & Wrinkles

Minimise direct exposure to the sun.
Avoid sun exposure in the middle of the day.
Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen.
Wear a hat and sunglasses and re-apply your sunscreen.
Healthy diet and lifestyle.
Exercise daily.
Stress relief.
Minimal alcohol consumption.
Avoid smoking.
Minimise sugar as it depletes collagen in your skin.
Minimise processed foods.
Antioxidant-rich foods.
Botani’s 3 Step Skin Care Routine.

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