Lines & Wrinkles

Lines & Wrinkles

What are lines and wrinkles?

I think we all know what lines and wrinkles are – they’re the unwanted visitors that show up uninvited (and sometimes unexpectedly!). Except they’re usually not visitors – they’re here to stay. Wrinkles are a natural part of the ageing process. Young skin has an abundance of collagen (that keeps skin firm), elastin (which means skin is elastic and can rebound quickly) and oils/lipids (such as Squalene) to keep the skin hydrated.  Ageing means that less and less of these components are readily available in the skin, so wrinkles are naturally formed.

What causes /triggers lines and wrinkles?

Both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Intrinsic factors are the factors listed above – the natural ageing process (which cannot be stopped); but extrinsic factors also play a major part – and this is where you can make a big difference to the development of lines and wrinkles. Extrinsic factors are environmental exposures – sun, smoking, alcohol, pollution, chemicals, overall diet, lifestyle and skincare.

Tips to help with lines and wrinkles:

  • Minimise direct exposure to the sun
  • Avoid the sun in the middle of the day
  • Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen 365 days a year (yes that’s right – even in winter – when the UVA rays are still strong!)
  • Slip, slop, slap at the beach – cover your skin, wear a hat and sunglasses and re-apply your sunscreen
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle: eat a rainbow of fresh produce, avoid smoking (even second hand smoking), keep alcohol consumption to a minimum
  • Minimise sugar intake! Sugar depletes collagen in the skin – so control those sweet cravings!
  • Minimise processed foods and swap them for whole foods (fresh foods with high nutritional value)
  • Eat a diet rich in antioxidants – hint: look for fruit and vegetables that have a red/blue colour!

Recommended 3 step skincare routine for lines and wrinkles:

  1. Cleanse Your cleanser will depend on your skin type:Normal to dry skin – Olive Soothing Cream Cleanser Use this gel cleanser with a slight foaming action to leave your skin feeling squeaky clean. It is pH balanced and won’t strip your skin of its essential oils, it contains naturally antibacterial Lemon Scented Tea Tree to fight against pimples and blemishes.
  1. Treat Acai Berry Active Antioxidant Serum (day)Provides your skin the antioxidant protection it needs to defend itself against daily environmental stressors such as pollution. Containing Acai, Blackberry and Cranberry Seed oils that are naturally high in Vitamins A, C, E & F for skin protection and deep nourishment.Olive Skin Serum (night)It is essential this is added into your routine – because it contains skin-quenching plant active Olive Squalene which is a natural part of your skin’s nourishing lipids. As your skin starts to deplete its natural Squalene levels after the age of 25, it is integral you replenish your Squalene levels daily! It intensely nourishes the skin and reinforces the skin’s protective barrier. Use both day and night on damp skin.
  1. Hydrate Your moisturiser will depend on your skin type:For dry skin – use Olive Repair Day and Night Cream Use both day and night over the top of the Olive Skin Serum. An intensely nourishing yet gentle moisturiser, this anti-irritant formula enriched with Olive Squalane, Crambe Abyssinica and Betaine to soothe dry, irritated skin.For normal to combination or oily skin – use Boost Balancing MoisturiserA lightweight lotion that can be used both day and night, Boost contains a clever blend of soothing (Chamomile, Calendula, Echinacea), hydrating (Betaine – Natural Sugar Beet) and antibacterial (Lemon Scented Tea Tree) botanicals to keep your skin hydrated with a matte look and feel.


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