Pimples, Blemishes

What are pimples?

A pimple on nose

Pimple on nose

A pimple is a small pustule or papule. Your pores are a ‘tunnel’ to transport good oils up from your sebaceous glands to the skin’s surface. If that tunnel is blocked with excess oil, bacteria and dead skin cells, this leads to infected oil glands that show up as swollen red spots filled with pus.

A blemish is a generic name for a mark on the skin, and since many people actually refer to an active or old (acne scar) pimple as a blemish, we have grouped them together for the purposes of this article.

What causes / triggers pimples and blemishes?

Any skin type can experience pimples. You may experience the odd pimple, or if it is a regular occurrence you may want to speak to your healthcare professional about the skin condition Acne Vulgaris. Pimples can be caused by:

  • Overactive oil production due to hormonal activity such as puberty
  • External irritation
  • Pore blockage (dead skin cells, oil, dirt) – eg, from improperly cleansed skin or lack of exfoliation.

Tips to help combat pimples and blemishes naturally:

  • Adopt a simple, natural skincare routine that does not suffocate the skin with petrochemicals
  • Always cleanse your makeup off thoroughly! Use a pH balanced cleanser that removes all traces of makeup. Use a toner to ensure all traces are removed.
  • Exfoliate regularly with a gentle, effective exfoliator. Look for products with a gentle AHA action to dissolve the glue-like structure that holds dead skin cells together.

Recommended 3 step skincare routine for pimples and blemishes

  1. Cleanse with the appropriate cleanser for your skin type. If you are removing makeup, the Olive Soothing Cream Cleanser removes non-waterproof facial and eye makeup.
  2. Exfoliating 2-in-1 Scrub & Mask can be added to your cleanser for extra deep cleansing, or used as a mask or scrub to buff away dull skin.
  3. Use Rescue Acne Cream as a spot treatment to help soothe and heal it.