Got Dry Skin: They Say You Are What You Eat

DRY SKIN TIP 8 – Skin can only be as healthy as your diet

As the old saying going, “you are what you eat,” and no words could be truer when it comes to the health of your skin. Your diet, and more importantly, your digestion, play a large role in the health of what is our body’s largest organ – the skin.

Whilst this literally isn’t true on most occasions, although sometimes you may awake feeling like the souvlaki you scoffed in the cab ride home the night earlier, the truth is that your skin responds to everything that you eat and drink. Everything.

“Yikes!” you may be thinking, “I’ve got that party tonight, I just at a Tim Tam and I don’t want dry skin.” It’s highly unlikely, unless you have skin allergies, that your body will digest and manifest the Tim Tam’s palm oil onto your face before the evening, but, over time, if you continue to eat them along with a diet laden in nasties your digestions will suffer  … and so will your skin.

At Botáni, we like a quote we read that said “the skin the mirror of your digestive tract.” Sounds technical, but it’s simply suggesting that enough sabotaging of your diet, put simply as weakening your digestive system, can lead to all kinds of skin conditions – including dry skin. Improper digestion can lead to acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and or any other breed of dermatitis (if you’re skin’s struggling with these right now, try our PhytoBody Wash and Olive Skin Serum for relief).

Particularly when you experience breakouts along your jaw line, you’re most likely suffering from poor digestion. But you will most likely already be aware experiencing bloating, abdominal pain, a burning sensation after eating or simply an upset stomach.

To ensure you the healthiest digestive system possible, and therefore, the healthy skin, click here to read about skin friendly foods, but also investigate probiotics, the way you combine your foods groups and assess whether your diet is too refined or processed. Eating something in its rawest state, like an apple from a tree, is the kindest thing you can do for your skin.

Uhuh, that means no more white bread (unless you want to look like Mr. Processed Burger Bun above!)

Botáni x