Our Ingredients

We use natural, wild-harvested and organic certified ingredients from the highest quality plant sources around the world. We take great pride in curating only the highest grade raw ingredients from around the globe, including Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece, Acai Berry Oil from Brazil and Kakadu Plum Fruit Extract from Australia.

Our Ingredients Olive Squalene

Olive Squalene

Extracted from the fresh olive pomace, which includes the skin, pulp and pit of certified organic olives sourced from Greece and the Mediterranean.
A skin-biocompatible ingredient, Olive Squalane mimics our skin’s very own in-built moisturiser.
Using Olive Squalene topically replenishes skin’s hydration and acts as a natural anti-ageing cell rejuvenator. Olive Squalene is used in our oil-based serums, whilst Olive Squalane is used in our cream based products (to prevent oxidation).



The Betaine we use at Botani is 100% derived from Sugar Beets. It is also a skin-biocompatible ingredient because it is naturally-occurring in the skin; maintaining intracellular skin hydration. Unlike traditional humectants, which draw moisture from the environment, Betaine adds hydration directly due to its rich source of saccharides - binding moisture and improving skin elasticity.


Crambe Abyssinica

A plant active cold pressed from Crambe seeds. It has higher quantities of Erucic Acid than Jojoba oil - a monounsaturated Omega-9 Fatty Acid which provides a nourishing serum-feel without the greasy texture. An active lubricant and emollient, Crambe is a natural alternative to mineral oils and silicones. It reinforces the skin's barrier function, preventing your skin from moisture loss and dehydration.