The Answer To Healthy Skin Starts Here

Welcome to Botáni’s exciting new blog format bringing you the answers to all your skin care questions … plus some fun facts and fabulous skin tips along with way!

Are you looking for the answer to healthy skin? Having received hundreds of emails over the years asking for advice on everything from pimples and patchiness to rashes and Rosacea, we thought it was time to finally step into the spotlight and shed some light on the issues effecting your skin the most.

Witnessing the physical and psychological impacts that the condition of your skin can have on one’s happiness and general wellbeing, Botáni was founded by Barbara Filokostas (pictured above in green with four Botáni devotees!) a caring naturopath and herbalist almost 20 years ago in response to people just like you – people searching for the answer to healthy, radiant skin.

As you’ll learn through our blog, Botáni believes in a holistic approach to skin health, being guided by the key principle of Hippocratic medicine – the healing power of nature. So not only will we share with you the products from our range that will help you regain radiant skin, we plan on sharing with you what it means to live the Botáni life and experience the Botáni difference.

Jam packed with our founder’s naturopathic knowledge and years of experience dealing intimately with the skin, this blog is not only going to be a place for Botáni to share skin care secrets with you, it will be a place for you to share your experiences with us.

Fast approaching winter in Australia, a season notorious for wreaking havoc on one’s skin, we thought we’d begin by addressing an issue that affects us all – no matter what your age is, your skin type or your ethnicity. Dry skin.

Stay tuned for tips and tricks on smoothing your skin’s surface and maintaining your skin’s hydration and happiness! Until then, begin by embracing our all-important skin care mantra:

Cleanse – Treat – Hydrate.

Botáni x