Superfood Skincare: Australian Mountain Pepper Berry Skin Benefits


Not another berry I hear you say! However, this is one you probably haven’t heard of before. It’s an oldie that’s a newbie…by that, I mean that Indigenous Australians have been reaping the benefits of the wondrous Mountain Pepper Berry plant for hundreds of years, both medicinally and as food.  It hasn’t always been readily available  – but it is now. Let’s explore the Mountain Pepperberry skin benefits plus more of this plum-looking, hot pepper-tasting superfood that has the antioxidant activity to rival (and outshine) blueberries.

Appearance And Climate

Tasmannia lanceolata (also known as the Mountain Pepper, and Tasmanian Pepperberry) has long, thick red stems with white flowers in summer and dark purple to black-ish, mini plum-like berries in autumn. They grow in the cooler South-Eastern parts of Australia, such as Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales.

Mountain Pepper Berry Uses

Mountain Pepper Berries are sweet with a peppery aftertaste, so it’s no surprise they’ve been a traditional Indigenous food. The leaves and berry itself are dried and mulled and used as a spice, an alternative to pepper. The berries may also be eaten fresh (if you’re keen on exploring new flavours – why not)! In Australia, bush foods have become the new fancy condiment, so if you fancy getting a little explorative in the kitchen, you could try it for yourself right here!

Here is a vegetarian pasta recipe using the Mountain Pepper Berry (note: to make this vegan, substitute the cheese and butter for vegan alternatives).

Mountain Pepper Berry has also been touted a superfood, because of its high antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. According to the Australian Superfood Co, Aborigines would treat their sore gums and toothaches with the Mountain Pepper Berry – crushing the berries with water to make a paste and applying directly to treat any infection.

Mountain Pepperberry Skin Benefits

The Mountain Pepper has many active compounds that come with a spectrum of skin health benefits:

  • Anthocyanin
  • Chlorogenic Acid
  • Rutin
  • Flavone Glycosides
  • Polygodial.

Protection Against Premature Ageing

With higher antioxidant properties than the famous blueberry, it’s no surprise that Mountain Pepper Berries have been linked with a whole spectrum of health benefits.

Antioxidants are an essential part of equipping ourselves with the right ‘armour’ to combat against the elements that stimulate free radicals that eventually lead to premature ageing. I’m talking fine lines, dull skin, pigmentation and loose skin. Just like we need to fuel and energise our bodies with good, nutritive food – our largest organ (skin) benefits from a combination of nutritive antioxidants.

Naturally occurring Vitamins C and E act as energy and fuel for your skin! Not only will you be protecting and preserving your skin (along with a well-formulated sunscreen of course), but antioxidants can also soothe, brighten and revive dull-looking skin.

Compounds such as Rutin protect the skin from damage caused by advanced glycation end products (AGEs) – responsible for the premature signs of ageing such as loose skin.

Stimulates Collagen Production

Anthocyanins are a component of the Mountain Pepper plant – they are the flavonoid pigments that are responsible for the purplish-blue colour and subsequent protective properties of many fruits and plants.

As we age it’s normal to experience collagen breakdown – this results in skin which is less ‘taut’, lines and wrinkles. Ingredients with Anthocyanin components provide natural protection against collagen breakdown.

Looks like you can skip the visit to the Botox clinic now!

Strengthens Capillaries, Repairs & Soothes

Not often spoken about, but ever so important is maintaining the health of your capillaries.  A bioflavonoid such as Rutin regenerates Vitamin C, a much-needed component of collagen production and capillary wall support. The naturally occurring anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities help to calm skin and repair photo-damaged (sun-damaged) skin. Basically, your skin will look more plump and even-toned! 

You can find the Mountain Pepper Berry in our soothing, deeply nourishing Radiant Rose Mask

In addition to the many skin benefits, Mountain Pepper Berries are naturally anti-inflammatory with disease-fighting properties beneficial for autoimmune, gut and cardiovascular diseases.


 x Sandra